You should know before buying your first bike

How and where you use your bike? How much you want to spend? What size do you agree? The following lines will serve to at least know what to ask before buying your first bike.

  1. Think about how you will use

A bicycle may seem a simple mechanism: just two wheels connected by a metal box with a chain and two pedals that propel. However, one type for each use: if you go to move by nature, through careless ways, you have yourself a mountain bike , thick wheels and one or two suspensions; if what you want is to emulate professionals and long routes by paved land, yours is a road bike , light and handy; if you’re going to use in the city, you should consider purchasing a city bike , more robust than a road but less cumbersome than mountain; and if you want to do stunts, BMX is the right choice. And there are still the cruiser , for calm waters; power, with a small rechargeable engine; the recumbent , recumbent allowing vehicles over long distances …

buying your first bike


  1. Set a budget

The bicycle is a universal means of transport and consequently there are many makes, models, styles and colors to choose from. And prices, of course: the budget to buy your first bike can go from minimum payout will mean a very basic machine or used to astronomical amounts that can get paid for a painting handmade and customized. It is important to know how much you can spend one, because sure to find something. You should also know that the second hand market is very active in these products, and many shops and websites with offers of used bikes very interesting.

  1. Economize in excess can be paid later

As with almost any other product, cheaper is usually of poor quality and poor durability. No use buy the cheapest bike if after gear changes make pedaling an ordeal if every now and brakes are loose or if the picture turns out to be a very heavy steel block transmits the skeleton every uneven ground. For biking is no need to spend much, but should avoid the temptation to save more.

  1. Choose the right size is critical

Few things are as important: choose wrong the size of your bike will discomfort, injury and loss of power when pedaling. View a measurement chart before deciding, especially if you’re buying online.

  1. Proof (if you can)

Cycling is a sport of sensations, so if you can try the bike you have chosen before paying, or borrow one to know how it works. It may be that the most beautiful model and best carved turns out to be terribly uncomfortable for you, which would ruin your investment, modest as it was.

  1. Consider local shops

Can that small businesses are not the cheapest nor those with more variety. However, cherish something you end up valuing: a vendor who can advise you in person, recommend the best for your style and budget and, later, help with repairs. Naturally, choose one or the other store, mall or Internet portal is very personal, but, as we shall see, when you start an activity always too many questions to ask.

  1. It is best to ask

Nobody knows everything, much less when it starts in an activity. Therefore, to succeed in your purchase is very convenient to ask, in the store, friends, online forums … The cycling community is open by nature, and its members will be happy to advise a new member.


  1. Think ins

There are some things that will be essential if you plan to use your bike with some intensity: an air pump with pressure gauge to keep the wheels in point; some article of clothing that makes you visible in traffic; Waterproof, if you go cycling in the rain; and, above all, a good helmet, best life for a cyclist.

  1. Buy what you like

In the end, the most important thing is that you enjoy on the bike. So if it makes you happy is that gorgeous lacquered red, or that steel tank with two suspensions, go for it!

  1. Join a club

Although some have the image of cycling as a solitary figure, worldwide there are many cycling clubs for amateurs to help you discover routes, they will show you tricks to protect your bike will allow you to go safer road and, above all, will give one of the greatest pleasures offered cycling: pedaling company.