Do You Need Insurance For Your Bike Tour?

A lot of people don’t have insurance on their bikes for when they are at home, using home insurance floaters where possible or just hoping the measures they have taken to prevent bicycle theft are going to be enough. If you are planning a biking holiday or tour, though, you may be wondering if you should consider insurance above and beyond regular travel insurance.

Bike TourPhoto by Alexander Komlik

How Extreme is Cycling?

While you may think of cycling as a relatively safe activity to base your vacation around, or even a sedate one if you aren’t planning to push yourself too hard and just want to enjoy some nice scenery from two wheels, many insurers do not see it this way. While if you were going to be touring on a motorbike you would consider insurance an absolute essential and look for a policy that covered your needs as a biker, as a cyclist the risks may seem less significant. Many travel insurance policies do however list cycling as being up there with activities that would certainly be considered far more dangerous, like skiing or diving – basically considering it an extreme sport. Continue reading “Do You Need Insurance For Your Bike Tour?”