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Disciplines of competitive cycling

Highlights different types taking into account the objectives and characteristics of the test in which you compete in competitive cycling. Thus, the field, the final objective, rules, type of bike and tools and other features determine a different form of competitive cycling. But what are these types of cycling? What types of cycling there?


Cycling route or highway

The road race, also called road cycling is characterized by its practice in tarmac terrain. It is the most classic and, therefore, enjoys more prestige internationally. Are three main ways to compete in cycling road or highway.

competitive cycling



The time trial , which can compete both individually and in a team format is based on the time taken to perform a flight path defined time. This type of test shows the physical strength of the rider or group of riders, as it is usually done in shorter than other road races paths.

Cycling teach a child

Many remember our initiation as cyclists as a difficult process, full of fears and falls. Surely the memory, because learning to pedal does not usually take too long. We offer here some tips, structured as a guide in steps, with which teach cycling a child can be made easier.

  1. Initiate a bike without pedals

A very interesting step, before turning to the bike pedals, is learning in without them . Many child models of this type, since that kind of bikes with very thick plastic wheels that are kept in single foot, specially designed for children who have barely learned to walk, beautiful designs based on Bikes BMX equal a conventional machine except in their lack of transmission.

Cycling teach

This type of bike is a very useful when teaching a child investment. They work almost like a scooter, driven with the feet, and allow learning to maintain balance, manage the handlebars without sudden movements and plot the curves slightly tilting the body sideways. Once learned these techniques, step up to the traditional bike is much easier: most of the knowledge already acquired. 

Mechanics best suspension tuned and balanced

Useless the best suspension in the world if it is not well set up. We will learn to regulate our weight chords (SAG) and adjust parameters such as rebound or pedal controls.

1 pump suspensions . Must. To modify the pressure you can not use another type of pump.
2 Allen key 3 mm. The we used to press the shell valve and remove the air, but you can use anything else.
3 Tape. With the metro will measure sag and suspension travel.

best suspension


[1] The first step is to know the total suspension travel, for that we get all the air with the pump or directly by pressing the howitzer.

Concepts of classic cyclists

The theme of the cadence is a classic cyclists. Some people are convinced and trained to go grinder, ie very cadence. And conversely, in the same group there are some who seem to carry small dish ornament, ie they prefer to rather stuck, ie, low cadence. What is right? How do we get tired less? . As happens in cycling gatherings, in various scientific studies in order to determine the optimal cadence there are several different ideas or viewpoints. It is a complex subject that is not easy to generalize. However, there are several concepts that literature is quite agree:

classic cyclists

1 The optimal cadence is individual for each cyclist, because they affect various personal factors. 

7 Tips For Staying Safe While Cycling

While cycling is generally regarded to be a relatively safe sport, accidents still happen and they can be nasty if you aren’t prepared for the worst. Here are 7 top tips to help you stay safe while out on your ride.

Always Wear An Approved Helmet

Helmets are subjected to stringent testing in order to meet the Australian Standards guidelines for safety. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that you can buy from overseas, unless it carries the Australian Standards sticker then chances are it will not be safe for road use. Fit is also crucial in ensuring the safety of your head during a potential impact. It should be snug but not too tight, and mustn’t move around when you try it on.


Invest In Road Lighting

If you ride at night, it is essential to fit lights to both the front and rear of your bike. Super bright LED’s are the most popular choice, and will ensure that all other road users will be able to see you. These can even be useful during the day as an extra safety precaution.

Armour For Off-Road

Mountain biking is an exhilarating aspect of cycling, however due to the varied terrain and obstacles, it can also be the most dangerous. Investing in good body armour can protect you from serious injury, and significantly reduces the risk of broken bones. The best styles are made from high tensile yet breathable mesh with the armour plates stitched over key areas, and a back protector built in for extra support. They are so light and comfortable that you will barely even notice it’s there!

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