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Useless the best suspension in the world if it is not well set up. We will learn to regulate our weight chords (SAG) and adjust parameters such as rebound or pedal controls.

1 pump suspensions . Must. To modify the pressure you can not use another type of pump.
2 Allen key 3 mm. The we used to press the shell valve and remove the air, but you can use anything else.
3 Tape. With the metro will measure sag and suspension travel.

best suspension


[1] The first step is to know the total suspension travel, for that we get all the air with the pump or directly by pressing the howitzer.
[2] zip it up and spread it until you feel both stops to measure the actual path of the fork and shock absorber piston.
[3] The rubber ring is the “snitch” that indicates the actual path, and used in route. In the damper equally applicable, measuring on the plunger. Now calculate the sag. In this range e.g. 160 mm of travel for the 32 mm would be 20%. In the buffer to 57 mm would be 12 mm.
[4] The suspensions of upper-middle range have controls pedaling. Before adjustment control dials located pedaling or lock in position “Open”.
[5] Some suspensions as RockShox present a practical table for an initial adjustment pressures.
[6] Get on the bike to measure sag and stand with your full standard equipment in a centered position as pictured. Somebody help you to hold you and to place the rubber rings with overalls. Compress the bike a few times, pressing from legs and arms. Reposition the rubber in overalls and get off carefully, uncompressed more suspensions.
[7] Measure sag. Add or remove air as need to achieve proper sag. Adjust the pressure to get approximately 20% sag.
(In this Trek Remedy 29 57 mm of travel of damper 140 mm equivalent to the wheel).
[8] Touch to adjust the rebound. Strongly fork compresses and removes his hands suddenly spread quickly to leave no brake. If the rebound is excessive (fast) wheel peel off the ground. If it is low (slow) will run slowly. You have to make the point that retrieves the position as quickly as possible without the wheel loses contact with the ground. Ideally, the average: fast but controlled recoil.
[9] Do the same with the rear wheel. Tip: If your double pollutes the pedal, adjust the rebound tending to slow.
[10] Sets rebounds acting on red dials. We remind you that if your suspensions have control pedaling, the you should use. They usually have preset positions to decrease (open), cycling (moderate control) and increase (firm control or lock). With such clear drawings is difficult not knowing which way to turn the rebound adjuster knob.

[11] Check the balance of suspensions. Having a balanced behavior is essential for optimum performance and maintain the geometry of the bike. Compress your double and make sure you both have a similar feel.

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