Some questions to yourself before purchasing a bicycle

Pedaling around the city is not new. Many Asian and northern European cities have traditionally been strongholds of cyclists using the bicycle as a cheap, fast, efficient and environmentally friendly transport.

However, in recent times the use of urban bikes has experienced tremendous growth, and with it have come more models and more choices for those who choose this form of displacement.

For those who wish to join this happy trend, here are some questions to yourself before purchasing a bicycle to explore the streets.

purchasing a bicycle

What is your fitness? Not the same launch pedaling when you are accustomed to doing sports that after a long period of inactivity. Before purchasing an urban bike you should ask what your physical condition and evaluate circumstances and your height or your weight.

If you are not accustomed to riding a bike, you agree machine with small and easy developments move not to suffocate on the slopes. And if pedaling you still gives certain laziness, know that there are numerous models of electric bicycles that while you circulate loaded and, thanks to a small motor can propel you in the uphill at a speed around 20 mph.

Moreover, the rider’s weight is important when choosing the frame material and the type of bike you need. For example, if you want to get a folding machine and weights over 90 kilos, you must decide on one of good quality, or your own weight will cause the box to deteriorate rapidly.

Knowing your height and measure the length of your legs (simply extending a tape measure between the floor and your groin) will be useful to choose the most appropriate size.

What tours are you going to do? Not all cities are equal and all tours demand the same body. If you’re pedaling during Mainly flat path (like a walk by the sea or in a city built on a plain), developments to mount your changes are less important, and even’ll definitely consider buying a fixed-gear bicycle, Beautiful design and fashionable.

However, if your city is full of steep slopes and your journey will take you through streets ramp, do not buy one pixie, how pretty it is: you’ll end up having to put a foot down or coming to your exhausted destination and sweaty.

Also, think about the type of firm for which you are going to move: you’re only going to use the bike on paved streets, thin wheels of a similar bike to the road are sufficient, but if you have to walk through a park or Road uneven ground needs more resistant roofs and wide.

How’s the weather in your city? If you live in a place where usually it rains, you should consider a few things: in the wet, you’ll need wheels with greater bearing surface as the many hybrids or mountain bikes; better fine slide covered by asphalt and oppose less resistance to pedaling, but less grip and, when driving on wet roads, is more likely to slip and end up in the ground.

In general, urban riding bikes usually wider than bike racing wheels to avoid these scares. Also under the weather or not the use of some supplements. The fenders, for example, are essential if in the area usually rains, they avoid the rider reaches its wet and full of dirt projected from the floor destination. How much space do you have?

Where will you put your bike? Are you going to combine cycling with using public transport? If you live in a small apartment, you will not be very comfortable to have the bike parked in the hallway all day; Fortunately, there are many folding models, in the best case, fit in a bag roughly the size of a backpack. The same applies if you plan to carry the bike by bus or train for part of your journeys.

In some cities up your machine to public transport is restricted or even prohibited, so a folding could be the solution. What is your budget? Another critical question to ask yourself. In the market, there are various price models that can analyze.

If your budget is tight, try to adapt a bike that already you have available to shoot city: a thicker for road wheels, a fender (there are plastic, they do not need assembly) and a brief review can serve to start. A website like will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.