Tips to Teach cycling

Before making the leap to pedal without training wheels, many parents tend to leave RUEDIN installed only on one side so that the child feels safe, which honestly does not do much. A bicycle with training wheels is a preliminary step unwise if we want our children to learn to teach cycling. The training wheels make the bike loses a key axis movement, the longitudinal.

Bike with training wheels can not be tilted regardless of terrain and that, in addition to potentially dangerous, has nothing to do with what happens when we ride normally. Furthermore, with one RUEDIN bike pulls to the opposite side of which is installed as the bike leans toward that side.

teach cycling

Your child will learn to pedal to slow … but not to maintain balance or to spin, which are the main secrets of the two wheels for beginners. So first of all, the training wheels off! Continue reading “Tips to Teach cycling”