When do i have to change the chain?

The main brands of tools for bike have a meter stretch of the chain, however if you have a meter stick can get to know if you’ve time for a change. You have to measure the perfectly stretched chain between 21 pins and must measure 254 mm. If you measure 255 mm and has lengthened 1 mm, which is the elongation defines us that it is time to change the chain.


Regarding the change of plates and pinions , there is no exact rule since its wear depends greatly stretch the chain but also on the conditions of use, cleaning the chain, proper lubrication … Substituting the chain every 1500 km ensuring that has not been stretched 1 mm, the use of these will extend around 3-4 chain changes.

change the chain

If jumps are seen when mounting the new chain, ie the chain slides on the pinion is selected, it will be time to change it. It may also occur with the dishes. A clear indicator is the “sharp” teeth: if they have lost the form of “volcano” with the rather flat end, adopting a form of sharp “spike” is a sign that the slopes are worn and at Thus the chain will not be subject, requiring a change. Continue reading “When do i have to change the chain?”