Climbing tips, tricks, and advice

Again, comes up with a gem of an article. If you’re not making this website a part of your regular cycling-related web-surfing you are missing out on some seriously cool stuff.

Link to the article:

Technique: Hill climbing made easy

The title makes a big promise – one which is difficult if not impossible to deliver on. Especially when you consider that the conventional wisdom among experienced cyclists is that climbing never gets easier; it’s just that some are able to suffer at a higher rate of speed. None-the-less, there is some value in the information within.

I also remember an article that appeared on one of the major cycling websites a couple of years ago, featuring Davis Phinney with some great climbing advice as well. I know it is hard to believe that you’d get good climbing advice from America’s most successful sprinter (although Tyler Farrar is doing his best to try to unseat Davis), but after watching Thor Hushovd’s solo breakaway and earlier; his lead-out man, Heinrich Haussler it becomes evident that; for those of us who are not natural-born climbers, the best ones to take advice from are the big “engines” who have to haul themselves over the huge climbs in the Alps and Pyrenees in order to have a shot at glory on the last day in Paris. Continue reading “Climbing tips, tricks, and advice”