How do you keep a bike?

Here are tips and interesting recommendations so you can keep a bike and further enhance your safety and that of your vehicle when you ride on the road. Let’s look carefully each and every one of these tips. We present three different blocks.

Tips for keeping a bike

  • Periodic maintenance of bicycles.The periodicity’s up to you and will relate to the use that will give your bike. Did you use every day? How many kilometers do? For that you use? Is road, mountain, city? It is important that you can ask yourself all these questions that will help you decide how regularly apply these tips.
  • Before leaving home.Have you checked the tire pressure? These and other questions will warn you of the most important aspects that can not be neglected before heading out on your bike.
  • When you come home.Has Messed bicycle much? Do not forget to wash it and leave it ready for the next day.

keep a bike

Periodic maintenance of bicycles

We can not ignore that the bicycle is a means of transport and is an object that requires a certain care. In the same way that a car or motorbike must make them eg periodic washing, bicycles do not have to be different. As you test your car battery, you must check the status of bicycle chain. There go point by point the recommendations we offer so you can keep the bike: Continue reading “How do you keep a bike?”