How the handlebar height is adjusted?

Today we want to explain how the handlebar height is adjusted? This setting is usually one of the forgotten among bikers and still play an important role on the downhills. Want to know more? While the saddle height will pay more attention, it seems like the handlebar height nobody looks in detail. And it is a very important setting, as it has much to do with the way the weight is distributed on the bike: highest regard is the handlebars relative to the saddle less weight bear hands .

handlebar height

This is very interesting considering controlling the bike, downhill, as the bike is more manageable to have very little weight on the front wheel. However, it makes the bike more nervous in difficult climbs steep slopes and lost aerodynamics (unimportant in MTB). In contrast, the lower is the handlebars relative to seat more weight to bear hands and the bike will become less manageable downs. In return, we will improve on the climbs. Therefore, the logical thing is to find a middle ground depending on the use we give to the bike and our preferences or weaknesses. Continue reading “How the handlebar height is adjusted?”

Mechanics: Change camera

Whether we punctured, or simply want to change a tire must know how to remove or change camera is basic.

1 Knockdown. Indispensable to remove or mount a camera without picking.

2 new House. We assume that if we change we need a new camera … right?

This is a basic point of the mechanics of our bikes as well by a puncture or a mere change of tire, we will be forced to take the wheel and remove the camera … Cater!

Change camera

1. First, although very obvious, is to remove the wheel. For this we must loosen the quick release. Today there are several standards in the market, but the mechanism is similar in all of them; we will see later. Continue reading “Mechanics: Change camera”

Mechanics Make the most of your disc brakes

In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out of your brakes in a very simple way and also teach you a few tips and tricks easy to Make the most of your disc brakes.


1. latex or vinyl gloves. When handling chemicals or hydraulic brake products is recommended to protect our hands.
2. Disc brake cleaner . Some are specific to bikes, but one also serve automotive; him clean debris disks hydraulic or impurities.
3. Allen keys. To work on the brakes use keys 5, 4, 3, 2.5 and 2 mm, depending on the manufacturer.
4. Cloth or kitchen paper without cellulose. To dry the discs once sprayed with cleaner. We advise you not to use materials with cellulose as it leaves no residue.

disc brakes

1. The first tip: Never over tighten your brake levers on the handlebars because, in case of fall, is a very vulnerable spot and can break. It must be well fixed, but not spend so that, in case of fall lever to “scroll” on the handlebars instead of remaining fixed. Continue reading “Mechanics Make the most of your disc brakes”

Mechanical engineering change pads and caliper adjustment

Change the brake pads is very simple and is very standardized whatever brand your brakes. Will use to caliper adjustment.


1-keys. For these brakes will be sufficient with a 5 mm and 2.5 mm. The 5 is to loosen the clamp and 2.5 to release the pin. For other checks you need another key or even a small screwdriver to release; the dynamic is the same in all.

caliper adjustment


Like any other part of our bikes our pads disc brakes are likely to wear and as such we should change them to always ensure good braking. Leveraging let’s change also adjust the brake calipers. Continue reading “Mechanical engineering change pads and caliper adjustment”

Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

If you take the wrong fitting helmet you are lost: in case of fall will serve little, but not only that: the rest of the time you’ll be annoying. Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

Mechanical helmet Settings.


  1. The size is critical, knows the need the perimeter of the head at the front.


  1. Usually helmets are available in sizes 2-3, since its adjustment system allows to adapt to different head sizes. Inside you’ll find the label indicates.

Continue reading “Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet”