Mechanical engineering change pads and caliper adjustment

Change the brake pads is very simple and is very standardized whatever brand your brakes. Will use to caliper adjustment.


1-keys. For these brakes will be sufficient with a 5 mm and 2.5 mm. The 5 is to loosen the clamp and 2.5 to release the pin. For other checks you need another key or even a small screwdriver to release; the dynamic is the same in all.

caliper adjustment


Like any other part of our bikes our pads disc brakes are likely to wear and as such we should change them to always ensure good braking. Leveraging let’s change also adjust the brake calipers.


1. Making the cir clip securing the retaining pin pads. Help yourself to a screwdriver or pliers.


  1. loosen the screw-pin that holds the pads; depending on the brand of our brakes will do it with an Allen wrench or a small screwdriver. In other models the pin is like a hairpin, with bent tip.


3.Sacamos pills. Press against each other to overcome the spring force from its housing. Pull out; out by hand.


  1. Once removed the pills you can take to change compound: organic slow down and spend more, metal work best in water or mud and spent more slowly, the latter are the most common. When handling the tablets avoid touching the braking surface as you could contaminate it with fat fingers.


  1. Assemble the pads in the caliper by reversing the above steps (3, 2 and 1).


  1. Now loosen the clamp; enough that “dance” a little. The new pads, being thicker surely will rub on the disc, is good which we rearrange the clip.


  1. Loosely screw fixation, with the loose clamp, press a few times and the third brake tight butt keep it; pressing the disc pads without being fixed caliper will do flat forcing her to focus. Tighten the screws to secure it; remember not release the brake until you have fully tightened the clamp.


  1. Check that there is no friction between brake pads and disc. Sometimes we have to repeat the process or realign the clip slightly.


  1. Sometimes the disk may be slightly bent. If so there are specific tools to straighten, but you must be careful.




. Everything in its place you’ve already removed the pads to change them fail and check out the pistons; surely these protrude slightly to compensate for wear of the worn pads. Before mounting the new push them to their original position to the bottom without damaging them (you can use a removable). Take step to clean them and put a drop of oil on the board.


The order is important. Whenever we go to press a brake disc is important you exercise even pressure on each of the screws to make sure it sits flat on the contact surface of the hub. To do so follow the pattern we have marked on the picture and enter each screw slowly, never screw it to the bottom once, do it on each evenly.

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