BMC Shimano Di2 test in Enduro

The team competition of the Swiss brand makes the first tests with electronic facelift to the Enduro World Series. BMC and was one of the first brands that could mount Shimano Di2 electronic precisely hand Julien Absalon and racing the World Cup.

Today asuiza marc anunca you chose this electronic group to ride his enduro model Trailfox , 150 mm and 29 “, which already was the first bike 29 “and 150mm . To reach the Enduro World Series and now becomes the first enduro bike that is equipped cn Di2 an assembly to be beneficar components BMC team enduro, and which have already been testing this weekend Finale Lugure.

Shimano Di2

 BMC prueba el Shimano Di2 en Enduro

In the words of Fraces broker François Bailly Maitre , highlights its accuracy and speed, and easy to program to suit different riding styles tackling a career, training, transition sections, special stages … really seems to open new possibilities.

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Merida One Twenty 7900

Merida has refused to convert to the wheels Twenty One 27.5 “with a series of tweaks and changes, but has taken advantage of the situation to develop a bike 100% new. Begin a new and different stage for the second biggest selling model maker.


Test GT Force Carbon Pro

With some bikes happens as our best friend from childhood you have the feeling that it has always been and is there. The same feeling awakens Merida One Twenty of a bike that always emerged when the idea has been to have a bike for all types of routes, for giving everything rises or to download safely and guarantees. While doing review of the history of Merida, the origin of this bike goes back to 2009, when it was presented to the world, found in 2010 catalog Brand and time Merida left the Mission, with the damper located in the left strap. Such a large echo in such a relatively short life can only mean that the Twenty One is a successful bike, though no Merida is shown under and has constantly sought ways to improve it further.

Merida One Twenty

 Merida One Twenty 7900

From the small office Stuttgart (Germany) in Merida, where a group of about 10 employees are responsible for the engineering and designs all models, have worked to modify the rear suspension system, from a set of 4 pivots to a floating system (Trek or KTM are other brands that have popularized). The reason for this remodeling is, in short, to obtain a more absorbing rear suspension, with which we feel have more travel than 120 mm real. In detail, this system allows engineers have more room to change the Leverage Ratio of the suspension, ie, if you want the damper has a more or less linear or progressive along its entire length behavior. In the case of One Twenty, efforts have been aimed at achieving a mainly linear feel.  Continue reading “Merida One Twenty 7900”

Interesting Facts About The History Of The Bike – Infographic

Did you know that the first ever electric bike was invented before 1900? This is just one of the really interesting facts that are presented in this infographic, together with a short history of the bike.

The next time you ride on your bike, no matter what that bike may be, think about the long history it has and the various style changes that it had. There are various things that you most likely do not know about the bike and you will learn them in the infographic. It is a guarantee that you will like many of the details that are presented.