Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

If you take the wrong fitting helmet you are lost: in case of fall will serve little, but not only that: the rest of the time you’ll be annoying. Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

Mechanical helmet Settings.


  1. The size is critical, knows the need the perimeter of the head at the front.


  1. Usually helmets are available in sizes 2-3, since its adjustment system allows to adapt to different head sizes. Inside you’ll find the label indicates.


  1. Wear the helmet centered, almost perpendicular to the vertical axis of the head, but leveled. Locate the front in the middle of the front is a good benchmark. No kidding, we’ve seen it all, even people with the helmet backwards. In any case, the worst position is hung from the handlebars. The helmet always in the head, and focused.


  1. The same laterally, it level. Look in a mirror to help.Try to take firm and focused.


  1. The adjustment system qualifies for support in the neck, too high or too low, to prevent the helmet easily dislodge.


  1. Gird helmet to the head using the adjustment until you feel pressure, it is snug but not disturbing.


  1. There comes the turn of the tapes. In the photos above mismatched appear. To place them correctly you must pass one in front and one behind the ear, joining through the guides just under the lobe.


  1. Check the setting of the chin should be snug but with clearance to enter a finger, more or less. Stretch the tape to adjust. The tape should be under the jaw, knocking her throat. If too advance is that the guides are not well placed under the earlobes.

What if the brakes overheat?

I like long descents with steep slope, but they frequently brakes overheat and lose power. You have tried several types of pills but do not know how to fix it … In such cases, it is best to increase the size of the disks to the maximum allowed by both the box as the fork: a larger diameter more material to support / dissipate heat. Moreover, we must point out that the metallic pads cause more heat .


If you’ve already got organic pads and large discs and problems persist, an extra treatment is that you try a few pills with heat sink, type the Shimano Ice Technologies. There are also some brands of pills that sell for other brands besides Shimano brake as Cool-Stop or Alligator, at prices ranging around 25 € depending on the model. These pills are characterized by having the brake lining attached to an aluminum base (high temperature transmitter) that ends in a mini-radiator fins by flowing air for rapid cooling.

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