Mechanics Make the most of your disc brakes

In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out of your brakes in a very simple way and also teach you a few tips and tricks easy to Make the most of your disc brakes.


1. latex or vinyl gloves. When handling chemicals or hydraulic brake products is recommended to protect our hands.
2. Disc brake cleaner . Some are specific to bikes, but one also serve automotive; him clean debris disks hydraulic or impurities.
3. Allen keys. To work on the brakes use keys 5, 4, 3, 2.5 and 2 mm, depending on the manufacturer.
4. Cloth or kitchen paper without cellulose. To dry the discs once sprayed with cleaner. We advise you not to use materials with cellulose as it leaves no residue.

disc brakes

1. The first tip: Never over tighten your brake levers on the handlebars because, in case of fall, is a very vulnerable spot and can break. It must be well fixed, but not spend so that, in case of fall lever to “scroll” on the handlebars instead of remaining fixed.
2. The adjustment lever reach is critical to getting good ergonomics. It is pan and zoom lever to the handlebar grip; one biker with large hands should handle zoom lever while one with small hands need the handle closer. Let’s see how to make this adjustment levers of different brands. In this case it is a Shimano handle with manual adjustment: We locate the thumb wheel, look at the picture.
3.Si turn this knob counterclockwise away handle grip. We’ll have more separation and more room before the the handle is too close to the handlebars when braking.
4. If instead we turn the adjustment knob clockwise approached the cam lever to the handlebar ; the ideal setting is causing the handle remains so our last phalanx of the index finger can put pressure on the handle without having to do any weird hand gesture or extension or compression, the finger should fall on the lever with naturalness.
5. In most brake this adjustment is made with a wrench allen screw with a cam lever: according to the manufacturer will do it with an allen wrench 3, 2.5 or 2 mm.
6. Some manufacturers, such as Formula also have a manual adjustment knob , positioned at the front of the handle.
7. In some models, such as the Avid, we can also play with the size of the chamber hydraulic for greater stopping power. Shimano also has a similar system called Servo Wave. This adjustment does not affect the separation of the pistons in the caliper.
8. A worn pads can transmit us the feeling of having to bleed the brakes ; before doing so sure of the status of your pills. Left some pills worn, a new right; note the difference in thickness.
9. If you have to change the pads are different compounds based on the weather, braking efficiency, etc … Check that your new pads are specific to your model brake.
10. If your brakes sound too much can clean them with a specific product. If they still sound after cleaning your pills may be contaminated, in which case you should replace and re-clean discs before releasing the tablets. To clean the discs with a drizzle specific cleaner spray.
11. To complete the operation removes excess product and “polishes” the track brake discs.
12. When traveling or bleed the brakes uses specific tabs for your make and model of brake as not all are equal.

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