Tips to Teach cycling

Before making the leap to pedal without training wheels, many parents tend to leave RUEDIN installed only on one side so that the child feels safe, which honestly does not do much. A bicycle with training wheels is a preliminary step unwise if we want our children to learn to teach cycling. The training wheels make the bike loses a key axis movement, the longitudinal.

Bike with training wheels can not be tilted regardless of terrain and that, in addition to potentially dangerous, has nothing to do with what happens when we ride normally. Furthermore, with one RUEDIN bike pulls to the opposite side of which is installed as the bike leans toward that side.

teach cycling

Your child will learn to pedal to slow … but not to maintain balance or to spin, which are the main secrets of the two wheels for beginners. So first of all, the training wheels off!

Class Begins

To teach cycling to a child with a conventional bicycle, looking with sufficiently small size and, importantly, the bar low enough so that your child can be lowered ahead without getting his “family jewels “trying. Note that handles remain very close at hand, better yet they are adjustable reach, and the brakes are very soft. Are equally valid by back brake, which is generally operated with little effort.

Initially it is better if we use the bike as a walker, for the child to experience the feeling of loss of verticality to turn and bend, until you get used to it.

One way to make that bike looks like a walker is removing the pedals and cranks securing the box with a strap astral to prevent turning.

A pedal

The next step is to perform the movement of the pedal stroke, for which we will be sure to put your feet on the pedals in the correct position. If the child becomes insecure or fearful, bike handlebars will hold it in addition to the saddle, and driven a few meters directing us, so you can focus more on the movement of the pedals in the balance.

In the next step, we will hold it only for the rear of the seat, leaving him at the address pedaling the bike. Do not obsess over too soon drop the saddle, let the child experience the feeling of pedaling and steering control while without seeing an adult before him. Although to yourself within 10 minutes, the child will eventually multiply.

The last step you already know, drop the saddle and let him go alone. Better if we walk first very short and as you improve distances and lengthen.

Some tips

-Putting a toy or something you enjoy a few meters ahead and say “let’s get to the doll”. In this way the child will know to where it should go and show more confidence.

-To Help you start you have to hold him saddle. You can take pushing and showing how the handle is twisted to the side for which no inclination. The idea is to be dishing associating with handlebars.

-Also Can make you start going downhill , with little slope but enough to not have to make the effort in the form of balance involving boot.

Every training session dale Resting in a few minutes or you can use them to play with it to something else. Think about that for him is a game, not a goal, demand can be counterproductive.



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