Tips for buying a bike to your child


When buying a bike child for a specific age, it is often thought that he outgrow soon and they will be wasting money; but not nice or safe watch our son riding on a bike too big or inappropriate for him, which does not reach the ground with excessive development, change and brake levers too large or with a hard touch … Before writing the letter to the Kings with the exact model, you should be guided by a series of tips and reflect a little:

buying a bike


  1. What differentiates a toy from another product of a specific brand of cycling and sport, is that the latter carry higher quality bearings in the wheel axles addition to using stronger materials. The very wide plastic wheels are undesirable, since they hinder the child’s balance and grip is very low.



  1. Evaluate the growth of your child. Every child grows at a rate within a range, so you should know if your size and growth rate tends to be above average or below, to discern the type of bike we bought. The “and grow” can be paid off with a couple of years with a bike too big and dangerous.



  1. Doubts size? If you’re confused, in children, unlike adults, need to come down right from the seat with both feet. Also, note that when lowering the seat, left a separation of 2 or 3 inches or more between your crotch and the top tube. The handlebar better to shoulder height, too high or too low will hinder the control.



  1. No more is always better. Although many transmission speeds may seem an advantage for a child can be an unnecessary complexity for recreational use, also adds weight. If you already have and see that the child is confused with them or do not need them, you can “lock” until you are ready, choosing a bearable development and restricting the movement of change with screws are firmly against.



  1. If you choose a bike with changes, much better if the control is more simple and intuitive for the child rotary type. Also note that your drive is smooth in both directions, up and down crowns.



  1. suspensions, are frequently found forks as hard working that do not provide any advantage beyond aesthetics, just a ballast weight. Check if soft or too hard before buying, because sometimes a rigid fork has the same function and it saves some weight and money. If you like bears and mechanics, you can remove it and get some softer springs.



  1. Check that the components are fully adapted to the size and strength of the child rather than components adult “recycled”. Observe the brake levers that are short and smooth drive with cables cut to size rather than making unnecessary turns. If the child has trouble slowing for not flex well fingers, the handle should be able to approach the handlebar with the adjustment screw. And fists, cuddly and narrow, some are very hard and reliefs that bother the child and they do not find it unattractive.



  1. The chain guard is essential for young children. No need to be scared messing your clothes chain. Note the trimmings, for they shall be as interesting as you carry on your bike the latest model of suspension or wheels.



  1. Finally, remember to also buy a helmet for its measure (yours you no longer use will not help you) and show that it is essential, as the seat belt of the car. And whenever sagas with him, give example taking it because you too.
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