Concepts of classic cyclists

The theme of the cadence is a classic cyclists. Some people are convinced and trained to go grinder, ie very cadence. And conversely, in the same group there are some who seem to carry small dish ornament, ie they prefer to rather stuck, ie, low cadence. What is right? How do we get tired less? . As happens in cycling gatherings, in various scientific studies in order to determine the optimal cadence there are several different ideas or viewpoints. It is a complex subject that is not easy to generalize. However, there are several concepts that literature is quite agree:

classic cyclists

1 The optimal cadence is individual for each cyclist, because they affect various personal factors. 

Individual optimal cadence 2 has an innate component that neurologically each has a different rate of pedaling.

3 The optimum rate is usually the same one freely selected .Several studies have found that the rate for each freely chosen which is closest to the measured rate as the most economical in terms of oxygen consumption, that is, as the pedaling physiology.

4 The optimum rate is related to the power to that pedal. A pedal higher power, the higher the optimal cadence. Therefore, it appears that professional cyclists choose higher than amateur cyclists cadences.

5 optimal cadence is different in flat terrain uphill.

6 Generally, the optimal rate for linear is between 80 and 90 per minute pedaling. Uphill, between 70 and 80.

7 is regarded as inefficient pedaling over 100 per minute to below 60 per minute pedaling. With great rate, energy expenditure is triggered. With little cadence, the oxygen is committed to the muscle and the risk of muscle injury rises.

8 Las series called “force-resistance” consistent in doing uploaded with little cadence sometimes cause overloading the knee joint.

9 election developments largely conditions cadence. Now that there is so much variety in dishes (one, two or three), it is important to consider whether the chosen developments can maintain optimal pedaling cadence depending on the type of outputs that do.

10 In Mountain Bike, the terrain conditions cadence often , so everything mentioned above may be totally useless … In areas with poor adherence to go with low interest rate to prevent wheel slippage. And sometimes highly technical areas grinder technique helps not fail in drawn …