When Traversing MTB Trails, 29er Mountain Bikes Are the Way to Go

Mountain biking allows riders to see the glory of the great outdoors while partaking in an awesome exercise regimen. Australia has some of the best trails in the world, with varying levels of difficulty and terrain suited to all types of riders, from novices to advanced mountain biking enthusiasts. Of course, you’ll need an appropriate bike to traverse MTB trails, and 29er mountain bikes offer many advantages over traditional 26-inch varieties.

29er mountain bikes

Newbies to the sport may be asking themselves what makes 29er mountain bikes so special? The 29 refers to the wheel circumference; that is 29 inches around as opposed to the standard 26-inch configuration. While some claim the 29er mountain bikes are unnecessary, most enthusiasts agree that these bikes offer many benefits thanks to the increased wheel size. 29er mountain bikes may not be ideal for every rider, but many will enjoy the enhanced ride and increased stability offered by these highly popular mountain bikes. Below are just a few of the many upsides afforded by 29er mountain bikes:


29er mountain bikes handle better than bikes with a smaller wheel size. The larger wheel means a greater surface area, which means more of it makes contact with the ground as you ride. Therefore, you have more control when climbing grades and taking sharp turns, which is crucial on advanced MTB trails.

Overcoming obstacles is much easier with a wheel this size. No matter how rough the MTB trails may prove to be, your bike will be able to fly over rocks and other debris much easier. This cuts down on falls and spills, which can be quite dangerous depending on the surrounding environment.

29er bikes offer a more stable ride. Riders claim an enhanced feeling of control, no matter what the trail may throw at them. As a result, you get a much safer ride than you would with a smaller wheel, allowing you to enjoy the ride without taking unnecessary risks.

Less effort is needed to pick up speed. This cuts down on feelings of fatigue and over-tiring. Riders zoom over open roads, offering a feeling of freedom, which is integral to the mountain biking experience.

While it’s not necessarily a downside, shorter riders may want to take caution with bikes utilizing the larger wheel size. Larger wheels means the bike will sit taller, possibly making it uncomfortable for riders on the short side. It is important to purchase your bike from a reputable dealer, who can then assist you in your purchase. Going into the sale informed of what exactly you are looking for is also extremely helpful. You want to feel comfortable on your bike, otherwise you risk grave injury to yourself and other riders.

MTB trails in Australia are some of the most famous in the world. Research is key when planning an outing, in order to determine which trails best suit your particular style of riding. Whether you are a highly adventurous or just in it for the epic scenery, Australia is replete with MTB trails that offer a little bit of something for every skill set. With a 29er bike, most anyone can tackle the roughest terrain with ease.

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