Basic Tips for Cycling Safety

As my safety month comes to a close; I thought a post from some industry associates in Colorado was apropos. I hope you enjoy as I let them weigh in on the issue… Today we will cover brief information about Basic Tips for Cycling Safety.

In an effort to stay physically active, more people than ever are beginning to reap the benefits of cycling. Although cycling is a very exciting way to exercise, the rider must contend with potentially dangerous obstacles such as passing traffic and environmental hazards. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind when commuting via a bike.


Stay visible
It is of the utmost importance that every cyclist stays visible at all times. Wearing extremely bright clothing is a great way to alert inattentive motorists. Never ride a bike without first installing the appropriate reflectors.

Inspect the bike before hitting the road
Although a traditional bike is not equipped with a motor, it stills needs to be properly maintained. Some of the most important things to do before heading out include checking the tire pressure, inspecting the chain, and testing the brakes. It is also advisable to keep a tire repair kit on hand during the journey.

Obey the law
When traveling along public roads, cyclists must remember to obey all of the traffic laws. Even if no vehicles are present on the road, make it a habit to always use the appropriate head signals.

Stay alert
Although cycling can be a very relaxing experience, it is still important to stay attentive to the surroundings. Looking ahead for oncoming obstacles such as parked vehicles and potholes will help to keep the rider safe.

Bicycling is not a particularly dangerous sport until cars get involved. When a car hits a bicycle and it is the drivers fault Tulsa bicycle accident attorney says the driver — or his insurance company — might owe the injured cyclist compensation for injuries and other accident related costs.

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