Ideas for decorating bike

Decorating bike is a great activity to keep busy on weekends or during warm summer days. If your child wants to participate in a contest for decoration or just around the neighborhood wearing a good set of wheels, there are many fun and exciting ways to help you dress your bike.

Favorite Sports Team

If you do not mind the decor is permanent or not later remove easily, you can paint the bike in the company of your child using the colors of your team sports favorite. With a little time and patience, it is good idea to try to paint the team logo in a visible place.

decorating a bike

Decals or stickers

The decals and stickers are found almost anywhere; They are cheap, easy to use and in general; a great idea to decorate with younger children.


Another cheap and easy way to decorate a bicycle is to place a colored streamers into the arms of the handlebar. All you have to consider in this case is to ensure that tapes or ribbons you use remain short enough to not get tangled in the spokes of the wheel.

Spray Chalk

Chalk spray is an alternative to conventional paint. This solution adheres very well to metal, but is easily removed by rubbing with a little water.


It’s always a great idea to place a basket on the front of the handlebars, especially in the case of girls. This is easily done using some wire. As a precaution, make sure that the basket does not interfere with the wheel when turning or while moving in a straight line. You want a solid road bike? You should start by looking at the best bikes for the money from the team at Fitness Equipment Reviews.

The bicycle safety flags are placed in the back of a bike or bike trailer to ensure that riders and passengers are seen by vehicles. If you travel regularly and accounts with panniers, a projecting part giving flag facing traffic alert the vehicle to maintain a safe distance. Choose a color that is visible day or night. A bicycle safety flag made by yourself can save you money and gives you an opportunity to be creative in your own design.Fitness Equipment Reviews.