Improve your car’s performance

If you are looking to improve your car’s performance, chip tuning might be the perfect option for you. Chip tuning is a process in which an erasable programmable memory chip with read-only properties in your car is changed or modified, which enables the vehicle to achieve superior performance. Results include improvements such as better fuel efficiency, more power or cleaner emissions.

If you are thinking about chip tuning, a RaceChip installation might be the right choice for you. It is an extremely simple procedure that can be done in less than 15 minutes, no matter which chip tuning method you chose to work with, which means that your car can gain superior performance in no time. Depending on the type of engine in your vehicle, you can make your pick from the following options: RaceChip for Common-Rail, RaceChip for Pump-Nozzle or RaceChip for Turbo Petrol engine.

You don’t need any specific tools or specific knowledge about car engines in order to install your RaceChip. All you have to do is connect your new RaceChip module to the engine control device and the engine itself via two simple plugs and fix the plugs with the cables which come with your RaceChip. Before starting with the chip tuning process, make sure that the residual current isn’t flowing any longer; first, switch off your engine, then open the bonnet surrounding the engine and lock your vehicle. Wait for about 10 minutes, and then start the process of installing your RaceChip. Continue reading “Improve your car’s performance”

Mechanics Care carbon fiber

Carbon fiber has become, in recent years, the material par excellence in the manufacture of bicycles and components; unlike metals like aluminum or steel, carbon fiber requires special care to avoid damage.


. 1.Pasta carbon mounting Thanks to her we ensure the correct mounting of components; highly recommended for contacts carbon / carbon ( carbon frame and seat post, etc …).

  1. torque. Key Ideal any situation, but essential to apply the proper torque to tighten carbon fiber components. You can analog or digital dial find them.

carbon fiber



  1. Let’s ride a triple carbon in a carbon frame ; all the steps that will follow here also apply to mounting a fork with carbon tube and a power of the same material. The first will clean the inside of the vertical tube of the frame to remove any grease or dirt.

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Mechanics Make the most of your disc brakes

In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out of your brakes in a very simple way and also teach you a few tips and tricks easy to Make the most of your disc brakes.


1. latex or vinyl gloves. When handling chemicals or hydraulic brake products is recommended to protect our hands.
2. Disc brake cleaner . Some are specific to bikes, but one also serve automotive; him clean debris disks hydraulic or impurities.
3. Allen keys. To work on the brakes use keys 5, 4, 3, 2.5 and 2 mm, depending on the manufacturer.
4. Cloth or kitchen paper without cellulose. To dry the discs once sprayed with cleaner. We advise you not to use materials with cellulose as it leaves no residue.

disc brakes

1. The first tip: Never over tighten your brake levers on the handlebars because, in case of fall, is a very vulnerable spot and can break. It must be well fixed, but not spend so that, in case of fall lever to “scroll” on the handlebars instead of remaining fixed. Continue reading “Mechanics Make the most of your disc brakes”

Mechanics best suspension tuned and balanced

Useless the best suspension in the world if it is not well set up. We will learn to regulate our weight chords (SAG) and adjust parameters such as rebound or pedal controls.

1 pump suspensions . Must. To modify the pressure you can not use another type of pump.
2 Allen key 3 mm. The we used to press the shell valve and remove the air, but you can use anything else.
3 Tape. With the metro will measure sag and suspension travel.

best suspension


[1] The first step is to know the total suspension travel, for that we get all the air with the pump or directly by pressing the howitzer. Continue reading “Mechanics best suspension tuned and balanced”

Tips for buying a bike to your child


When buying a bike child for a specific age, it is often thought that he outgrow soon and they will be wasting money; but not nice or safe watch our son riding on a bike too big or inappropriate for him, which does not reach the ground with excessive development, change and brake levers too large or with a hard touch … Before writing the letter to the Kings with the exact model, you should be guided by a series of tips and reflect a little:

buying a bike


  1. What differentiates a toy from another product of a specific brand of cycling and sport, is that the latter carry higher quality bearings in the wheel axles addition to using stronger materials. The very wide plastic wheels are undesirable, since they hinder the child’s balance and grip is very low.

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Tips to Teach cycling

Before making the leap to pedal without training wheels, many parents tend to leave RUEDIN installed only on one side so that the child feels safe, which honestly does not do much. A bicycle with training wheels is a preliminary step unwise if we want our children to learn to teach cycling. The training wheels make the bike loses a key axis movement, the longitudinal.

Bike with training wheels can not be tilted regardless of terrain and that, in addition to potentially dangerous, has nothing to do with what happens when we ride normally. Furthermore, with one RUEDIN bike pulls to the opposite side of which is installed as the bike leans toward that side.

teach cycling

Your child will learn to pedal to slow … but not to maintain balance or to spin, which are the main secrets of the two wheels for beginners. So first of all, the training wheels off! Continue reading “Tips to Teach cycling”

Concepts of classic cyclists

The theme of the cadence is a classic cyclists. Some people are convinced and trained to go grinder, ie very cadence. And conversely, in the same group there are some who seem to carry small dish ornament, ie they prefer to rather stuck, ie, low cadence. What is right? How do we get tired less? . As happens in cycling gatherings, in various scientific studies in order to determine the optimal cadence there are several different ideas or viewpoints. It is a complex subject that is not easy to generalize. However, there are several concepts that literature is quite agree:

classic cyclists

1 The optimal cadence is individual for each cyclist, because they affect various personal factors.  Continue reading “Concepts of classic cyclists”

When do i have to change the chain?

The main brands of tools for bike have a meter stretch of the chain, however if you have a meter stick can get to know if you’ve time for a change. You have to measure the perfectly stretched chain between 21 pins and must measure 254 mm. If you measure 255 mm and has lengthened 1 mm, which is the elongation defines us that it is time to change the chain.


Regarding the change of plates and pinions , there is no exact rule since its wear depends greatly stretch the chain but also on the conditions of use, cleaning the chain, proper lubrication … Substituting the chain every 1500 km ensuring that has not been stretched 1 mm, the use of these will extend around 3-4 chain changes.

change the chain

If jumps are seen when mounting the new chain, ie the chain slides on the pinion is selected, it will be time to change it. It may also occur with the dishes. A clear indicator is the “sharp” teeth: if they have lost the form of “volcano” with the rather flat end, adopting a form of sharp “spike” is a sign that the slopes are worn and at Thus the chain will not be subject, requiring a change. Continue reading “When do i have to change the chain?”

Mechanical engineering change pads and caliper adjustment

Change the brake pads is very simple and is very standardized whatever brand your brakes. Will use to caliper adjustment.


1-keys. For these brakes will be sufficient with a 5 mm and 2.5 mm. The 5 is to loosen the clamp and 2.5 to release the pin. For other checks you need another key or even a small screwdriver to release; the dynamic is the same in all.

caliper adjustment


Like any other part of our bikes our pads disc brakes are likely to wear and as such we should change them to always ensure good braking. Leveraging let’s change also adjust the brake calipers. Continue reading “Mechanical engineering change pads and caliper adjustment”

Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

If you take the wrong fitting helmet you are lost: in case of fall will serve little, but not only that: the rest of the time you’ll be annoying. Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet Mechanics and stand Adjust your helmet

Mechanical helmet Settings.


  1. The size is critical, knows the need the perimeter of the head at the front.


  1. Usually helmets are available in sizes 2-3, since its adjustment system allows to adapt to different head sizes. Inside you’ll find the label indicates.

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